Saturday, December 27, 2014


Having built Berlin for our 1945 Rapidfire game we decided to use the setting for a bit of pre-christmas fun with a Martian attack on the city in 1910.
The mighty supreme quadrapod - a tincast toy and yes it does move.....

Earthling steam walker explodes
Colin Jack provided the great bulk of the models.    The scenario was that the Martians had sent a punitive expedition to earth and they had targeted Berlin.  After bombarding the city from space they set up a space gate in the Tiergarten and were landing ground forces thru that to attack the city.   An alliance of European forces faced their attack.  We used the Bolt Action rules for the game with the most Powerful Martian quadrapod being rated as a Tiger I.  Since their earlier invasion you will see that they have added an extra leg to their larger walker designs.

Martian Quadrapod Mk IV and levy infantry

More steam armour falls victim to the supreme quadrapod - brave but fatal deployment
It was quite enjoyable playing the role of a Martian commanding the most powerful of their quadrapod walkers.  It’s heat cannon knocked out 3 of the earthling steam tanks.  This allowed the lighter Mark IV quadrapods to enter the city thru the Brandenburg Gate and begin attacking the remaining civilian population.  It was a fun, enjoyable and very silly game….

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Mark IV quadrapods stride thru the Brandenburg Gate preceded by a scout tripod