Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I was away at the weekend at Lundin Links in Fife for a 28mm Sudan event.  Over the 2 days 12 gamers attended from the AB1 group.  We used Black Powder with my house rules.   We made the British immune to terrifying charges and as suggested in the Zulu supplement allowed them to fire twice at charges coming from 3 moves away.

Khartoum with it's garrison manning the walls
On the first day we split into 2 groups and played games based on the River Column and the Desert Column each on a 15ft long table.  The Desert Column advanced 3ft 6in onto its table met the Madhists and then went slowly backwards but held of the repeated attacks of 20 Madhist warbands.  The River Column got half way along its table met a mass of Madhists and engaged in a desperate struggle which ended in tragedy when it was taken in the rear and dissolved – only a single battalion escaped to the surviving river steamer. 

Desert Column - British cavalry in action

River Column - steamer springs ambush - Sir they have heavy guns!

River column faces massive attack
On the Sunday we played a single big game – the assault on the town of Khartoum.  We reinforced the Egyptian town garrison with a British Brigade which camped in the suburbs facing the Nile.  Despite the valiant resistance of the Egyptians the town walls were was stormed by the Madhists who braved the explosions of General Gordon’s concealed electrical mines.   The British Brigade fought a spirited action but again only a single battalion escaped to the refuge of the River Columns steamer which had fought its way thru to Khartoum. 

Khartoum - early morning - Madhists mass for the attack

First rush at the walls

Madhists celebrate capture of the first tower

My thanks to Dave Imrie for organising the venue, to Chris Henry for working up the scenarios and to everyone who painted up for figures for the game in the past 6 months.   
All my photos are on Flickr at

Bart’s report at

Jack’s report at

John's report of the last day at Khartoum
Here are the troop ratings we used
Madhist SpearmenSpears614+3Fanatic, Warband
Madhist RiflemenBL Rifles624+3Fanatic, Warband
Madhist SkirmishersBL rifles424+2Skirmish, Small,
No Skirmish +
Nile ArabsSpears515+3Warband
Madhist CavalrySpears6--5+3Warband
Madhist CamelrySpears614+3Warband
ArtilleryFG How13/25+1--
HighlandersBL rifles734+4Stoic
British InfantryBL rifles634+4Stoic
British Inf KRRCBL rifles644+3Stoic
Naval BrigadeBL rifles634+3Stoic
Gatling/Gardener MG BRMG1Special4+1Stoic
Artillery BRFG How13/24+1Stoic
Hales Rocket BRRocket1Special4+1Stoic
British CavalryBL carbine914+3Marauders
British Mounted InfantryBL rifles425+2Marauders, Skirmishers, Small
Egyptian infantryBL rifles634+3Unreliable, Levy 4+
BazingersML Rifles634+3Unreliable, Levy 4+
Bashi Bazouk InfML Rifles415+2Unreliable,Wavering, Small, Levy 4+
Bashi Bazouk CavSwords6--5+3Unreliable,Wavering, Levy 4+
Egyptian Armoured CavalrySwords6--4+3Unreliable, Heavy Cav +1, Levy 4+
ArtilleryFG How13/24+1--
FanaticFerocious and Terrifying charge
Ferocious ChargeReroll combat misses when they charge
Heavy cavAdd + to result of combat
Levy 4+Roll 4+ to remove disorder at end of turn
SkirmishCan adopt skirmish formation
StoicReroll first break test if required
Terrifying ChargeCharged enemy must take a Break Test
UnreliableNo move on equal command roll
WaveringTake a break test whenever they suffer a casualty
British UnitsImmune to Terrifying charge


  1. Great ideas and the terrain and figures look impressive

  2. Hello.
    Mighty fortress and a very rare and good topic.
    Great battle field and forces attacks.

  3. What a great looking setup! That must have been terrific fun to be a part of. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sounds as if the Brits haven't been made strong enough with so many units being wiped out especially when you compare casualties in the real campaign, or was it just bad dice rolling?

  5. Thats a cracking look game gentlemen. Lovely to see so many figures on the board and the ability to play a few scenarios over a weekend is what all gamers dream about. Great period to wargame!

  6. Wonderful looking gaming table! It looks like great fun was had by all.