Monday, June 23, 2014


On Thursday I went to Hugh Wilson’s for our big game which was a 1914 Bolt Action game.   Colin Jack came up with the scenario which was a French attack during the Battle of the Frontiers.  Colin, Dave O’Brien and I supplied the figures whilst Hugh Wilson provided all the terrain.

My French force prepares to attack the factory - Renegade figures
The French objective was to capture 5 objectives spread across the table.  We had five players on both sides.  The German defenders each commanded 3 squads and a MG.  The French players each had 5 infantry squads and a MG.  In addition the French had the support of a battery of 3 75mm guns and both sides had 2 cavalry regiments in reserve of table.

The French artillery acted like a death ray at first but was then hit by an off table bombardment which effected them for several moves.  The aggressive French attack at the northern end of the table went well but at my southern end my force was cut to pieces by the German defenders losing 80% of my infantry.
French artillery under off-table fire - Great War Miniatures
By the end of the game the French had taken 3 of the objectives.  We decided the game was a French victory.   It proved to be a very enjoyable game.    We need to look at improving the rules for WWI especially the rules for cavalry.

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Bart Zynda has written a fuller action account on his blog at

French troops finally get to the bridge - but not enough for control


  1. Really nice and something I've been toying with in my head for quite a while. Interesting use of Bolt Action.

  2. That is a wonderful sight Bill! My first couple of BA games were using WW1. Seems to work well!

  3. As usual Bill a great looking game!


  4. Great looking game & terrain

  5. It was a fun game but I still think the cavalry were too effective.