Tuesday, February 4, 2014


On Monday I went to my other club – Falkirk District Wargames Club – which meets at Grangemouth.  There has been a Longstreet campaign running at the club since November but this week I played Dave Paterson in a friendly 1861 Longstreet game.  We both used the basic starting army from the campaign.  I played the Confederates though I have been a Union player in the campaign.   Dave supplied all the15mm troops.

Confederate centre moves to the attack - the left had confusedly moved out of the line
The game proved a complete disaster for me.  My troops suffered heavy casualties moving to the attack.  My cavalry fought numerous melees with their Union rivals and lost all of them.  When I finally launched 2 units in a Rebel Yell charge  they only pushed back one of Dave’s units slightly.  His subsequent counter-attack smashed 2 of my units – one suffering a net 10 hits in close combat.  It was fun quick game.

Cavalry action on the right flank - my raider cavaliers never won a single combat


  1. Hard Lines Bill.

    I have Longstreet waiting in the wings, just need a clear tabletop to get going.

  2. Nice looking game Bill. I've been wanting to try Longstreet, but I've been having so much fun with RF&F that I just haven't had the impetus to try it out yet.