Sunday, January 19, 2014


This weekend I decided to give my Battle of Hanau scenario another try as the terrain was still all setup.  I made minor changes to the OB and troop ratings from the first game.   I altered the Coalition OB to have 2 large 6 battalion Bavarian divisions each with 2 guns and I decided that the Bavarian line infantry would not be rated as Unreliable.

The Coalition commanders John Perkin and Scott Duncan decided to posted Austrian line division and the Cossack partisan brigade south of the River Kinzig.  North of the river they posted 2 Bavarian divisions to cover their centre with the Austrian mixed brigade on the their left wing around Althof.   A unit of Hungarian grenadiers defended Althof whilst the Carinthian Landwher held their far left wing beyond the stream.  The Bavarian light cavalry were deployed in support of the left wing and the other 2 cavalry brigades were posted in reserve behind the centre.

Neuhof falls uncontested to the French - Bavarians failed to move twice....
The French commanders Ian Carter, Mark Taylor and myself decided to use a line Corps supported by a line cavalry division to pin each of the enemy wings whilst the 4 guard divisions would attack and break through the Coalition centre and left.  

The Coalition plan was to hold their line but advance their right wing to occupy the village of Neuhof.  Appalling command rolls by John meant that Neuhof  actually fell to the advancing troops of Macdonald (Mark).   A large part of the Bavarian 1st Division spent the rest of the game trying to eject the French from Neuhof.    Their short range shooting was very poor and at the end of the game the French unit in Neuhof had still not suffered a single casualty! 

On the other flank Victor’s Corps attacked up the Frankfurt Highway towards Althof. They attempted to close in attack columns on the Austrians but appalling break test rolls by Ian saw all 3 of its battalions break and flee.

I moved the Old Guard Chasseurs forward to break thru the centre but my first attacks ended in failure as all 3 charging battalion were driven back by the Bavarian infantry and artillery.  I reorganised and tried again but again I was driven back now losing a battalion.  At this point the French had lost 4 units and the Coalition none!  The Bavarians then advanced and began to press the Chasseurs back breaking another battalion.

First Old Guard attack goes in and failed everywhere.......

Emboldened Bavarians begin advance against the guard.....incredible!
The French light cavalry division on the right flank succeeded in getting the Grenzers to form square near Althof but at a heavy cost from the good shooting Landwehr across the stream. 

The rest of the Guard had now arrived and were committed.  The Old Guard Grenadiers moved to support Victor’s failing attack and they broke the Grenzers and a unit of Hungarian grenadiers.   With gaps now appearing in the allied line the Guard Lancers charged and caught the disordered Bavarian light cavalry standing and broke both units.

Guard Lancers charge to glory......
The French light cavalry division on the far left facing the Lamboi Bridge supported the garrison of Neuhof and caused losses to the Bavarian infantry and also the Cossacks when they finally managed to cross the Lamboi Bridge.  Mendorff commander of the Cossacks was carried from the field by a routing sotna.

Mark committed the Guard heavily cavalry to the north of Neuhof and they broke through the Bavarian infantry.  The 2 reserve Coalition cavalry brigades were then committed to retrieving the situation and a mighty cavalry melee ensued.  The Guard Dragoons broke one hussar regiment and drove the second back into the River Kinzig.  The Guard Horse Grenadiers drove both regiments of the heavy cavalry brigade back to the apparent safety of the ridge.

The great cavalry melee......Vive L'Empereur......first Allied Hussar regiment has already fled.
The game ended at this point.  Now the final butcher’s bill favoured the French who had lost 7 units whilst the Coalition lost 11 units including a gun.   If it had not been for the glorious last minute charges of the Guard cavalry destroying 8 units the balance would have been heavily in favour of the Coalition.  However the French were far from achieving a total breakthrough in the centre and the other Austrian Infantry Division were almost at the Lamboi Bridge.  We all agreed that it was a good game and a marginal victory for the French.

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