Sunday, December 22, 2013

28mm AWI Reinforcements

I have rebased 6 of my British AWI commanders to make them similar in style to my Patriot commanders.  They were previously based singly on 40mm diameter mdf bases but I have now based them on 60mm diameter bases as vignettes incorporating some foot figures that I picked up from a friend. They are a mixture of Front Rank, Old Glory and Perry figures - here are photos of 4 of them.

Front Rank commander and Perry? foot

Old Glory Highland officer and Perry? foot

Front Rank British commander and Perry foot

Old Glory commander and Perry foot
I left my new camera at my latest game so I  used my trusty old Canon A620 for these photos. My next game was planned to be a huge 25/28mm ACW game of the Battle of Cedar Mountain being hosted by RAF Leuchars club but I could not get there as I had to repair the roof of my garden shed.

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