Sunday, November 10, 2013


This Saturday I went to Kirriemuir to attend TARGE the Kirrienuir Wargames Club’s annual show.  It has all you expect from a show - demonstration and public participation games, trade stands, a painting competition (with extensive trophies and prizes), a bring and buy sale, raffle, and catering. 
I ran the SESWC display game which was a 28mm Bolt Action game set in the Chaco War between Paraguay and Bolivia.  This was the same game that we took to SKELP at Forfar.  All the troops are from the collection of Colin Jack.  The Chaco war figures are by Scheltrum Miniatures.  There were some nice looking games at the show.  The most unusual display was by the Border Reivers who put on a 28mm Battle of Trafalgar Square - a fictional battle from the 1984 Miners War.  It was the first display I have seen with figures of Arthur Scargill and Mrs Thatcher on the table.
Soviet food aid convoy (!) reaches Trafalgar square

Arthur Scargill addresses the proletarian masses

Mrs Thatcher at the barricades - prime ministerial escape Jaguar in background
 The League of Augsburg put on a Donnybrook skirmish PP game with really exceptional figures including a gang of stone throwing ragged urchins.  The Iron Brigade put on a late WWI bolt action game with some superb looking German transport vehicles.
LOA - Donnybrook skirmish - stone throwing urchins to the front

LOA - Donnybrook skirmish - Satanists try to raise a corpse in  the ruined church

Iron Brigades - great looking German transport
 Once again RAF Leuchars Wargames Club put on their superb carrier attack PP game.  It was a good enjoyable day meeting fellow enthusiasts.  The time went very quickly speaking to people about the Chaco War and the figures.  My purchases were even more limited than they were at Skelp as I only bought a single set of counters from Warbases.
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  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Due to battery failure I was unable to take any.
    Cheers, Ross

  2. Bill, the guys with blazing torches in our Donnybrook game weren't searching the church, the Satanists were trying to raise a long dead warlock back from the grave. The game revolved around the Cultist trying to bring him back to life while the local villagers wanted to put an end to it all whereas the military weren't whether to stop the proceedings or use the Warlock for military use. We ran 4 or 5 games during the day and everyone who took part had a great time, especially the two little kids who came back for a second helping. The only reason they didn't get a third game was that the show had closed at that point.

  3. Thanks for sharing. The Thatcher/Scargill game looks a hoot. Who won? Makes me wonder when can a historical subject become a "legitimate" wargaming subject. Time and acceptance I guess.