Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I have continued to work away on my Napoleonic collection.  I bought 5 extra Foundry painted French command  figures on Ebay and this has allowed me to complete 4 more multi-figure command vignettes by combining them with some of my previous commanders.  I use 60mm circular 3mm MDF bases from Warbases with Silfor tufts and Javis static grass.
Perry Lobau and Foundry staff officer

Foundry Cuirassier General  – the standing cuirassier was previously based with Lobau

Foundry staff

Foundry staff

I am currently working on some Napoleonic  French Old Guard Grenadiers,  Austrian Infantry  and some AWI cavalry and infantry.  At some point when I can take all the photos I will add a specific page on my French army to complement the one on my Russian army.


  1. Nice work, Bill.
    I like the composition of the staff officers and the way they seem to interact with each other.