Tuesday, May 14, 2013

World Wars Experience Day at East Fortune

It was busy weekend for demos as well as helping with the SESWC demo at the Carronade show at Falkirk on Saturday on Sunday I helped put on the club demo at the National Museum of  Flight at East Fortune in East Lothian.  The museum is part of the National Museums of Scotland.  The demo wargames were a small part of their annual World Wars Experience day. 

Our demo was a 28mm game set in the closing days of the Normandy Campaign in 1944.  We used Bolt Action rules and ran it as a demo game but got members of the public involved to roll the firing, morale and command dice.  There was lots of interest in Colin Jack's militaria collection - especially the helmets.  As well as our game Falkirk Wargames club put on a WWI Aerial PP game and a WWI naval game.
Noramndy 1944 game - Colin's helmet collection in background
Our games were in the hangar beside the Museums Concorde.  Very impressive....but sorry no photos...

German re-enactors watching approaching rain

Outside there  were WWII re-enactors in British German and US uniforms with their equipment and WWI re-enactors in Gordon Highlanders uniforms.   In the Concorde hanger there were also dress up stalls for children to try on WWII clothing, design your own boardgame, Miss Dixie Belle’s Parlour for WWII hair dos and even social dancing.

More photos of the event by Derek Hodge at the SESC website
Jeep at RAF encampment

Interesting event....if invited we will be back again next year.   Here is the link to the museum website


  1. Well Done another reason for me to come back to Scotland!! All the great times I am missing.
    David VFW

    PS AND a great CONGRATULATIONS on the 100 mark of members on your blog.