Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This blog covers the opposing plans and the first days play in this fictional action.

Opposing Plans

Their plan was to hold the river line and the Col St Bart and hopefully to counter-attack on their eastern flank.
On the east of their line around the Col St Bart mine the German defenders deployed 4 infantry units, their cavalry, a MG and a field gun.

Col St Bart mine
A further 3 infantry units, 2 MGs and a field gun were deployed on the west of their line covering the temporary bridge and the nearby foundry. The rest of their army they deployed in the buildings of Bart-Sur-Aisne covering the main bridge and the eastern temporary
bridge with its nearby fords.
Defenders of Bart-Sur-Aisnes
The allies deployed with the French on their eastern flank to attack the Col St Bart and the eastern temporary bridge.  As well as their frontal assault they put 3 or 4 units in a flank march against the Col St Bart. The Belgians were allocated the centre of the line with orders to take the main bridge at Bart-Sur-Aisnes.  The British with all the artillery in the allied force were on the western wing allocated the objective of the western temporary bridge.

First Days Play
On the approach of the allies the Germans took up their defensive positions and the bridge guards on the main and western bridges were committed to delaying defensive actions on the south bank of the Aisnes.  The French attacked Col St Bart frontally but suffered heavy casualties from the accurate German fire and three French units were destroyed for almost no German casualties amongst the defenders in the strongly built mine buildings.  At the end of the first days play 2 units of the French flank march force appeared to the east of the Col St Bart and engaged the German reserves beyond the hill.

French close up on abandoned bridge guard camp

The Belgians struck up the main highway led by their Minerva armoured car which led a charmed life against all the Germans could throw against it as it secured a position on the main bridge.  The follow up Belgian infantry units suffered heavy casualties but they did wipe out the bridge guard unit. 

Minerva under shellfire as it approaches the bridge

Minerva on bridge - watched by German engineer

On the Western flank the British made slow ground held up for a long time by the German bridge guard who took up a position in a stone farmhouse and sold their lives dearly.  The three British guns proved remarkably ineffective throughout the action.  However by the end of the days play the first British unit was within a move of the western temporary bridge.  A German engineer on the bridge watched their advance with interest.
German rigid airship supports the defence - yes its crewed by Frauliens
The German secret weapon makes its appearance....


  1. Fantastic report! I really like your pictures, figures and terrain are impressive...and the last picture, with the "airship support", wonderful! We have only a ballon in our club, we could buy something like that...Great work!

    1. Phil
      The aiship is based on the rare Lego airship with a scratch built gondola.
      I will include a better overall photo in the next update..

    2. You can see a better photo of the Zep on my blog when it took part in our Back of Beyond weekend.