Thursday, July 26, 2012


I did not get to the SESWC this week so I have done an update on some new figures I have added to my Napoleonic collection.

First there are some new staff figures which I will use with my French and British armies. The figures are by Front Rank. They are actually Dutch Belgian staff for Waterloo. I bought these nicely painted figures on ebay mounted on single bases and I have now rebased them in pairs as command vignettes. The MDF bases are from Warbases and the Silflor tufts were supplied by Mutineer Miniatures. Here are 3 photos.

Prince of Orange and Gen Chasse

Gen Perponcher and an ADC

Gen Saxe-Weimar and a Nassau ADC

Then there are some recent additions to my ongoing Russian 1812 army project. I have added some units of Russian Cuirassiers which I bought painted from South Africa on ebay. I have added some Games Workshop wash to their flesh, matt varnished them and rebased them to match my other units. The flags I got from the colourful F G Hourtoulle book Borodino, The Moskova , The Battle for the Redoubts. Here are 2 photos of the Novgorod regiment.

Since I took this photo I have added static grass to the bases
Next week I will be busy doing last minute planning for this years CLAYMORE which is on Saturday 4 August at Telford College Edinburgh.