Thursday, April 26, 2012

Napoleonic Reinforcements

I did not get to the SESWC this week and I am away on holiday next week to the south of France so no new games to report for 2 weeks.  As I said before I have 3 main projects at the moment - continuing to add units to my AWI collection, building up my Russian and French forces for the 200th Anniversary of the battle of Borodino in 2012 and also a long term project for a Prussian Army to help out in the 1813-14 anniversaries.

Firstly here are some new staff for my French army. The figures are by Perry - set FN14 Generals of Division - Jerome, Quiot and Marcognet - each with a figure from set FN55 Mounted and Dismounted staff officers. They were painted by the great team at Reinforcements by Post in Bangladesh.

Prince Jerome Bonaparte - trying to find his command

Quiot of 1st Corps in 1815

Marcognet of 1st Corps in 1815
Here are some recent additions to the longer term Prussian  project.  I have added units of East Prussian and Silesian line infantry and East Prussian Landwehr. I bought the figures from South Africa on ebay. I have added some Games Workshop wash to their flesh, matt varnished them and rebased them to match my other units. The flags are from Warflags - which I think is a great free site.  The MDF bases are from Warbases and the Silflor tufts were supplied by Mutineer Miniatures. Here are 3 photos.

East Prussian Line
Silesian Line

East Prussian Landwehr with distinctive red Eagle flag

I have a large game planned for 12 May after my return.. All I know at the moment is that it will be 28mm Napoleonic. The details I will work out on my holiday.


  1. Enjoy your holiday Bill and come back refreshed.

    You'll miss Carronade then!

    I am off to the States on May 12th for 5 weeks. I'll be very refreshed when I get back.


  2. Wow!! Fantastic painting. Really like the command stands.

  3. Nice figures and looking forward to it. The battle of Borodino is my favourite battle of the period.


  4. Bill what rules? Black Powder i presume? Enjoy your Hoilday in France? I wish I could be there for your game!