Saturday, November 5, 2011

Refight of Brandywine 11 September 1777

This Saturday we refought Brandywine 1777.

Patriot militia engage the Hessians

I have added a specific page with a full description of the scenario, ob, rules used etc to the list of Pages.

My thanks to Hugh Wilson for providing the venue and building the vast bulk of the terrain we used.

My special thanks to Suzanne Wilson for providing the game specific etnic cuisine.  It was really great - boston bean stew, cornbread, sour dough bread and pumpkin pie.  Very tasy and much appreciated by the mob of 9 hungry wargamers.

Here also is the link to FlickR photoset with descriptions of the photos.

Hessian Grenadiers break the Massachusetts who carry away George Washington...

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  1. Impressive looking game. Great pictures and a I enjoyed your background page as well. Must have been a great day...Michael