Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shoot out at Longo Niddrales....

This Monday evening we played out an extra game a Wild West gunfight game using the Warhammer Historical Legends of the West rules.

1880s baggage handlers....
Colin Jack provided the venue in his converted garage, the terrain and most of the figures. I supplied my own posse of lawmen. Colin was also on the side of law and order with his posse of Texas Rangers. Ray Neal selected an outlaw gang and young Isaac Neal selected a Mexican bandido gang.
Doc greets some of his favourite patients....
The rules are simple and enjoyable. We played out 2 rounds of 2 player games. In the first round Colin’s Texas Rangers took on Ray’s outlaws while my took lawmen took on Isaac’s bandidos.

Colin and Ray fought out their action around the train station, the claims office and the saloon. Ray’s outlaws suffered from the repeater fire of the Rangers and headed for the hills when they lost 4 of their side. In my game with Isaac we fought out a gunfight across main street interrupted by the stagecoach rushing past. I got more figures into action and the poor shooting of his peons meant that I had hit 3 of his gang whilst losing 2 of my posse when the other game ended.
Rangers take up post in the saloon
We used the useful campaign system to promote our figures in between games and in the trading I bought shotguns for all of my lawmen. Isaac sold of his peons 6 guns and equipped them all with machetes and in addition bought 3 more machete armed peons.

In the 2nd pair of games I took on Ray at the railway station end of town and Colin played Isaac’s bandidos in main street.
Rev Smithers prays for peace in Main Street
The action in my game took place around the train and the saloon. I had the advantage and numbers and the shotguns proved their worth blasting the saloon. Ray lost 5 of his 8 figures and headed for the hills after eliminating 3 of my upright citizens.

At the other end of town Isaac launched a peon machete mob from the cover of the Chinese farm against 3 of Colin’s figures. One of the peon’s fell over a pig and was delayed and most of the others were mown down by skilful (lucky) shooting from Colin. The Peons that got into hand to hand combat were outfought by the Rangers. The rest of Isaac’s gang fought on across main street passing multiple head for the hills tests. That game only ending when Ray headed for the hills.

Upright citizens search the train for outlaws...
A good looking game, simple and fun rules and enjoyed by all. The impressive train is an On3 scale model - O gauge sized train running on HO scale track - by Bachmann.


  1. Very cool game and very nice photos.

  2. Well, Longniddry's changed a bit since them thar days!

    regards WW