Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy Gaming week...In Period....

This weeks game that I played at the SESWC was a play test of a set of rules that Simon from Solway Arts and Miniatures is developing for large scale Very British Civil War games (VBCW). Colin Jack provided the 28mm models and the scenario for the game.

Dave Cooper and I commanded a Vichy French Force attempting to recapture a pumping station in the Syrian desert from a unit of the Household cavalry. Colin commanded the gallant defenders and Hugh Wilson the motorised Anglo-Indian relief force.

Legion advance supported by SOLIDO Renault R35
The French force comprised the Foreign Legion, Senegalese and Moroccan colonial troops supported by 3 armoured vehicles. Dave’s main assault on the pumping station bogged down under heavy fire and my attempt to stop the relief force never got going as my supporting armoured car failed for 4 turns to move onto the table.  The game worked reasonably well but it showed up some areas that needed clarified in the rules
Anglo-Indian relief force arrives
The reason for the play test was that at the weekend Simon staged a large scale 2 day VBCW campaign at Carlisle. The scenario involved a landing by Prince Albert with his émigré supporters and a Canadian expeditionary force on the Cumberland coast. They were supported by a Scottish invasion across the border and flying columns of Tynesiders, Yorkists and Liverpool Free Staters.

Invasion fleet closing on the modernist seafront of Siloth
The first day saw the raw garrison at Siloth routed by the massive invasion landing and the border defences driven in by the Scots. The other Royalist coastal garrisons managed to break thru the encircling Yorkists at Wigton and escape towards Carlisle.

Royalist Vickers Medium MkII exploding with John Snagg of the BBC looking on
The second day saw two major battles around the Royalist stronghold of Carlisle. To the north the Scots and the Tynesiders were decisively defeated and to the south west the Albertines, Yorkists and Liverpudlians were held to a costly draw.

It was an enjoyable gaming and social weekend for the VBCWers taking part. Thanks to Simon for organising it so well.  We even managed to start setting up the Sunday game by 9:30am with the clocks having changed overnight.

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