Soviet T28 tank at Central Army Museum Moscow
My main interest in WWII is 20mm gaming using the 2nd Edition of the Rapidfire rules. The rules are simple and playable.

I prefer the 20mm scale as its how I started my wargaming way back in the 1960s!  Also more logically there is a large range of metal figures available from multiple manufacturers and almost every vehicle is available either as a metal, resin or plastic kit. Resin and metal models are easier to build than plastic kits but there is now a number of easybuild kits available from Italeri and Armorfast.  In addition there is also a growing collection of high quality ready built and painted diecast models from Dragon, Forces of Valour and others.  Air support is readily available thru the vast range of 1/72 scale aircraft kits available.

Gloster Gladiator closes on SM79 over Somalia

My collection covers North West Europe 1944-45 and especially the Eastern Front 1941-45. Next major project for WWII which I will be undertaking with Colin Jack and Hugh Wilson will be a recreation of the 1945 battle in central Berlin. It is intended for Carronade the Falkirk show in May 2014.  In the meantime till then we will be doing more games at the SESWC.

Arracourt 1944 - German Panthers flanked by US 4th Armoured Div

I also play skirmish type games in 28mm using a variety of rules including Triumph and Tragedy, Setting the East Ablaze and more recently Bolt Action.  For those games I rely on Colin Jack and other friends providing the toys.

28mm Free French Tanaki SPG an armoured truck for Syria 1941